Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Coldest Beer in the World

We will be starting a mixology program here at the hotel in the next couple of weeks. This is a Corona super cooled with LN with lime juice powder sprinkled on the frozen foam. There is nothing better then a super-cooled beer


chad said...

So, the beer is frozen? If not, then what do you mean by super cooled?
I have had beer that was below freezing but still liquid (which crystallized into ice when tapped or shaken). Is this the same thing?
This beer subject is very close to our hearts. If you have perfected the ice cold beer, then it may finally be time to pay you a visit.

ryan zimmer said...

Intrigued, curious and very thirsty now!

Ric Dunning said...

Call me I would really like to check that out! I have been experimenting with carbinaton(Effervescence)and would like to run some ideas I have by you.