Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First Mixology Gig

I had a local entertainment company call me a few months ago about doing a mixolgy demo for a party. I have never bartended, in fact I hate alcohol. I will have a occasional beer but I like to stay away from the ruff stuff. We had a liquid nitrogen tank delivered to the Curtis and we hand carried all of our other props, pumps and ingredients in. We had 3 drinks last night.

First was a carbonated blueberry vodka martini. My sister Rachael took this station and it was a good thing. She added the finishing elements to the drink.
My wife dished out the whiskey caviar and cream. This was the most popular drink of the evening. We counted 10 shots for one guy.
The final drink was coconut ice cream with rum, compressed pineapple and pineapple bubbles. We had a absolute blast doing the event. It was nice being in the front for a night, less sweat and swearing.

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craig thornton said...

right there with you. i am not a big alcohol person either, i have created cocktail menus for places but cannot bring myself to get into alcohol. i will have the occasional glass of wine or beer but usually only if i make the beer. seems like you keep getting busier and busier lately.