Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cart Locations

We have signed up to cook at Civic center eats on Tuesdays along with Tiri's garden at 15th and California on Wednesday's. We would love to see all of our friends come by and support our new concept. Here is our menu this week:

Ginger caramel corn with asian

spiced nuts $3


Mango peach with blackberry pop rocks $4

Ice cream

“Smores” Hot fudge ice cream with burnt

marshmallow and graham cracker $4


Apple pie $1

Creme brulee

Banana foster $4

Ice cream sammie

Espresso hot fudge cookie with whipped

marshmallow and hot fudge ice cream $4

Space foam

Root Beer $3


Coconut with frozen pineapple cream $4

Yogurt meringue bites $2