Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Wednesday

We are still trying to catch up from Wednesday of last week. We debuted the Inventing room cart in the morning and had a catered event at the Governors mansion that night. We began the morning loading my car full of tables, water bottles, tents and whatever else I could fit into it. I drove to commissary and loaded all of my prepped purees, bases and creme brulee into my coolers. Chad, the chef from the Porker cart helped me get my product to the site along with towing our cart. We unpacked and waited to see what would walk up, not a lot but I was OK with that. It was our first time and I had to figure out what went where and if I put this over here it might make it easier. We packed up our cart and the Honda around 3:00 and drove the cart back to the garage. Exhausted, I now had to think about the buffet we needed to have set by 6:00. We made it to the mansion at 4:30 and began to set when we realized our bread had not been delivered. There was a mix up with our order and our menu featured a bread station. Jeff ran to Whole Foods, the bread company sent a emergency delivery and we did what we could until we got slammed around 6:30. It all ended up working out and it was a really fun event.
Our menu included:
Bread bar with hummus, olive tamponade and spinach artichoke dip
Grilled marinated vegetable kabobs from the chefs garden
Colorado sweet wine sorbet bar
Merlot space foam

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