Thursday, August 19, 2010

A kid in a candy factory

We took the kids to Hammond's in Denver for one last trip before school starts. They have a tour where you can watch the candy being cooked, pulled, folded and flavored into some amazing confections. The best thing they make is called a vanilla caramel. It is a whipped marshmallow encased chewy caramel. You can buy a bag of rejected marshmallow carmel that is block of goodness, we have been cutting off chunks since we got home. Here are some pictures of where I want to be buried

This is where they take different flavors and colors and pull them into the sugar. They make #50 batches that will be pulled into hard candies such as ribbon candy or candy canes. The brown block is wrapped in a layer of white

The white candy was then cut into sections and placed onto the green sheet

The green sugar was rolled around the white blocks

The sugar block is then placed in this machine that rotates the sugar on the canvas while a propane lid keeps the sugar pliable so they can pull it into any shape they want. The tour is free and they give out candy, do I have to twist your arm anymore?

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