Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have you kissed your dishwasher today?

I miss my dishwasher. The last 4 years I was spoiled at a hotel where there was a team of stewards that did all of the cleaning for us. Now I find myself soaked from head to toe after a good battle with the dishwasher after a catered event. My advice( if your dishwasher is worth keeping) is to grill up a good steak, crack open a nice beer and thank your dishwasher at the end of their shift because you don't want to end up wet and stinky

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Michael Natkin said...

Hell yeah. That is the single biggest difference for me between what I can cook at home vs. what I can cook when working in a restaurant. At home, I'm really not up for washing a giant stack of dishes. Thank god for the hard working men & women in the dish pits everywhere.