Monday, August 2, 2010


We have a amazing event coming up on September 11. Sparkopolis is a fund raiser for front range libraries. The new Wright Farms location at 120th and Holly will be transformed into a interactive light and food show. We will have creation stations where you will be able to build your own dishes. Garnish your Colorado tamale with creative toppings, make whiskey caviar for a shot our build a banana split with pineapple bubbles, exploding whipped cream and carbonated cherries. We are even growing the produce for the event in our garden as we speak. Tickets are $75 a piece and we hope you come out and support this amazing concept


Jonathan and Barb said...

Very cool, sounds like a great event and it benefits libraries wow thats just fanatastic.

Barb and I need to to either make this or come down to your restaurant again soon to re-experience the magic you do there!
Jonathan and barb

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking I need to find one of your events to get to.
Frank S