Monday, February 11, 2008

Frozen banana split sphere

I have been working on this new dessert for our next menu. I first juice some strawberries and place 60 cc in a ballon. I fill the ballon with nitrogen gas and roll it in liquid nitrogen This gives me a hallow sphere. I then mix roasted pineapple with a medium peak meringue. We then pipe it into the sphere and let it freeze. The plate is garnished with carmalized banana, chocolate powder and fried rice noodles that are soaked in grenadine.


josh said...

So you just cut a hole the size of the piping bag tip in the spere. Its pretty fragile, no?

chefian said...

I used a knife that I heated up with a torch and slolwy melted a small whole in the top

Anonymous said...

yums. looks pretty cool.