Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tasting menu 24

We just gone done with a really busy 3 weeks. It is going to slow down a little so we should have a chance to experiment. I am going to a demo at Johnson and Whales tomorrow for Thomas Keller. He is going to help open the new demonstration kitchen at the school. I have been playing with ioata and kappa the last couple of days giving me this wonderful flexible chocolate for the dessert. I took 100 grams of white chocolate with 100 grams of water. I mixed in 1 gram each of the carrageenan and cooked them in a pan untill the mixture boiled for 20 seconds. I set them in some flexible pyrex molds. Here is our menu this week.

Tasting menu

Buffalo tar-tar
Tomato syrup, asparagus, bernaise ice cream

Tempura crab claw
Apple, miso, radish

Chicken stuffed quail
Marshmallow root, celery, green summer squash

Flexible warm white chocolate
Raspberry rose ice cream made table side with liquid nitrogen