Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thomas Keller demo

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the opening of the Johnson and Whales new demo kitchen. Holly shit it was beautiful. What even made it more memorable was a demo by Thomas Keller. He made a simple lamb dish using sou-vide techniques. He cooked a bone in lamb loin at 142.7 degrees for 1 hour. He took it out of the bag and seared the meat in butter and herbs giving a roasted quality to the meat. He also demonstrated a lamb demi. He started with a lot of oil that he added lamb bones to. After a fond developed he de-glazed with water. He allowed the fond to develop again and de glazed with chicken stock. A third fond was followed by tomatoes and mirapoix. His final fond ended with lamb stock. He will reduce and strain 5 times before his final product achieved.

What did I learn? First the French Laundry has 15 thermo circulators. Second Thomas Keller has a quality about him. He is so passionate and outspoken about his art. He talked about a provayer that produces 15 pounds of butter a week for him. That's all this farm produces. All of their product goes there and nowhere else. He has a amazing commitment to ingredients. Herve last week, Thomas this and Notter next week. I am truly inspired.

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