Monday, March 31, 2008

Tasting menu 28

It has been a crazy couple days in the hotel. UFC is here with all of their fighters and television people from spike TV. All of the fighters are on limited diets before there fight. It has been interesting talking to the trainers about how they can loose or gain 10 or 15 pounds in a matter of days.

Tasting menu

Crispy shrimp
Siracha, avocado, feta

Apple Noodles
Watermelon, cilantro, curry lamb

Smoked buffalo New York
A-1 Sheet, onion, baked potato powder

Liquid nitrogen dipped guava and strawberry pate fruit

Boston cream pie
Compressed cake, flexible pudding, frozen chocolate


chadzilla said...

Damn, Ian. Kurtis and I are blown away by the fact that you have the UFC in your house. That's incredible.
Are all the big names there? You should get some autographs. We were psyched when NASCAR came to our hotel last year, but this is much much better.

White On Rice Couple said...

The apple noodles are soooo interesting! Will you be posting a recipe for this?

chefian said...

The apple noodle post is my 7th post close to the bottom of the page. It has the recipes and needed equipment