Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We see a lot of people interviewing in our hotel. Interns are in and out. Line cooks come in and usually bail when we can't match 15.00 dollars an hour down the street. I usually have to talk to potential candidates along with the executive sous and banquet chef. Here are a couple things some people could do if they really want the job:

1. Don't come in a fucking tee shirt and shorts. You are applying to work in a professional kitchen, not the hot dog shack on the 16th tee.

2. Familiarize yourself with menu of the restaurant. Understand what you are getting yourself into. Show interest in wanting to learn and grow in this business

3. Understand that working in a kitchen, especially a hotel, means you need to be flexible. You can't have off every holiday and yes you may need to stay late to plate.

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Chunk said...

I can honestly say, because former employers have told me, that I have been offered jobs simply for dressing professionally. I always try to exceed my employer's standards for dressing professionally and being well groomed. My generation, gen Y, doesn't seem to get it. Older folks and surprisingly children frequently compliment me on being clean, professional, and wearing my pants around my waist.
I wouldn't hire anyone who didn't attempt to present themselves as true professionals; we're serving food for God's sake.