Monday, April 14, 2008


I have been using some molecular techniques for about a year. The only problem is that besides the food that I make I have not tried anyone's food. That all changed for me on Saturday. My wife and I made it down to this restaurant after we cooked at our event. It was amazing to see what Wylie can do with food. We had the tasting menu which was one course after another of a seem less balance of flavors and textures. My favorite course was the hamachi and the coconut cake. After we had eaten I asked if we could see the kitchen. They let us come back and take a look. It was a double sided French line with Wylie on one side and 3 chefs on the other. Pantry was nestled into the corner. A solid butchers block sat in the entrance of the kitchen with 4 heat lamps hanging down. It was amazing being there, to be able to ask questions about the food. Was that carrageenan in the chocolate paper? "No, it was pectin and agar." I thought to myself holly shit I am asking the people who wrote the book. Needless to say I think it was important to try the food, but it was equally important to see that I am pointed in the right direction. Thanks Wylie, Alex, Kevin and the entire staff

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JC said...

Must've been a great experience.

I haven't eaten at any of the big name molecular chef places yet either, but just from what I've seen, Wylie's food seems the most interesting to me.
He just seems to have a nice balance of grounding and invention.

Seems like his prices are pretty good (considering) and the wine list looks interesting, too.

Maybe someday.