Friday, September 12, 2008

Display ice

When I first came out of high school I was a practical joker. I use to freeze other cooks knives, clogs or uniforms into a solid block of ice on their days off. They would see their suspended items sitting in their work area when they came in. I found in my playing around that if you use hot water you get a clear frozen block Here at the hotel to garnish our raw bar we would freeze muscle shells, pineapple tops or whatever else that was going to be thrown away. Now we color the ice with food coloring. Each night we take the left over unmelted blocks and freeze them into each other. We yield these amazing rainbow patterns that catch your eye when you walk-in. The best part is that there is no cost involved. You could also make a ice plate the same way to present a cold dish or dessert.

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CHEF said...

What is the exact process for freezing them? Do you just use hot water, and then stick in the walk in freezer? I'd love to try this on our buffets and bars. Please give me a shout back at