Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank you

I probably don't thank other chefs enough for their influence on my cooking. It goes far back in my life. First is my father, a tireless working chef that would be gone when I got up in the morning for school and absent when I went to bed. He used to show up to my basketball games in his chefs coat to cheer me on. I have learned many lessons from him mainly on how to hang in there when it gets real tough. My grandmother's German cooking as a kid was the ultimate comfort food. Her style certainly helps me get through being creative in the colder months. Television cooking shows were always on in my house. The frugal gourmet was my favorite. I always have thought that my hands are my greatest tool. I did not know my Grandfather in Norway but he also was a culinary instructor in Oslo. I can make the claim that cooking is in your blood. It is like any profession, when you get a head start you become better faster. Molecular cooking has only been my passion for about 1 year. Many chefs have inspired me in this field too. Chadzilla being the first and the most. He is a hotel chef like me and understands the day to day. Ideas in food and Sean Brock are the other two. I have periods of not wanting to look at anybody elses food. I think the only way to be truly creative is not to have any influences. If I see what I believe to be one of my ideas working for someone else I take it as the ultimate form of a compliment. I blog to share and to have something for my girls to have when they get older. Sometimes I am that chef that leaves early and comes home too late.

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Anonymous said...

I have also had many influences in my life that I feel very lucky to have had, first and for most you, Ben Alandt, and Jon Caloway as my teachers. I have worked with chefs that have graduated the CIA and the California Culinary Acadamy all great chefs but always classical. Working with you guys at the Hilltop Cafe started my creative juices flowing and they havent stopped since! And now Iam somewhere else and its kinda cool because even though I dont have you guys by my side anymore I know that things I have learned from you guys carried on with me! when I look at a special I created and see a little bit of Ian, Jon, and Ben. To me that is the biggest compliment a teacher could give his student! And now in this Internet age Iam lucky to have this blog that has inspired me in so many ways! I started my own path with Molecular cooking its slow going but I know the passion that I have for food will help me over come! So I just wanted to say Thank You Chef! RIC DUNNING