Saturday, September 13, 2008

Isomalt garnishes

Here are 2 easy garnishes that give dramatic effects to plated desserts or buffest. We heat isomalt with a small amount of red food coloring and water. We cook the mixture to 320 degrees. We then pour the sugar mixture into a pale of sugar and a bucket of ice. These are the shapes you get. Store these garnishes in a air tight container with limestone. Humidity will kill your sugar work.


Michael Natkin said...

Those are cool! I didn't know about the icewater routine. Here are some other other fun tricks with isomalt.

kitchen cabinets said...

I watched the first ultimate cake off show.. don't understand the judging on it, because one of the cakes was far superior than the other in details and work, but having said that, does anyone remember about what the one who won, said about the easy way to make coral.. powdered sugar and something else and then microwaved????? not sure what the other ingredients were. I hope that someone else might have watched and noted that hint.