Friday, September 19, 2008

The miracle fruit pill

I obtained some pure miracle powder off the black market when I ordered my pills from

Today I got some neutral fizz powder from next? How about a gelatin pill you put in your mouth. As it dissolves the fizz powder is released on your tongue and the properties of the miracle fruit go to work.

The powder I got was very wet. In order to dry it out I added tapioca maltodextrin and gave it a few turns in the blender. I then mixed it with the fizz powder and loaded my pill machine. I will pair the pill with some citrus surprises for the next menu.

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chadzilla said...

I ordered some of the fizz powder as well, and expect it in as early as today. Let me know how you like it.
I also received some of the gelburger and instagel, messed around a bit with both, and not sure if I'm crazy about them or not. The instagel is cool, but so much is necessary to create a gel, that it might be financially non-beneficial.