Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mont Blanc field trip

Michael Szyliowicz invited my wife and I to his office on Colfax. We did not know what to expect, was it a factory or a tasting room? To my surprise and delight it was a lab. Here Michael and his mom come up with the ideas for new products. They give there ideas to Nina who is a product development specialist. She uses computer programs and her knowledge of product development with companies like Kraft to invent their chocolate syrup line that is used by some of the largest coffee shops in the World. I talked to Micheal about everything from packaging to distribution to ingredients sourcing. It was inspiring how they picked 1 product and how they make that product the best in the world. If I concentrated on one of my ideas would I have the same effect? They had a whole wall of bags of powders that looked very familiar to me. It was very interesting talking about how my molecular work and product development are so closely related.
Michael gave me a line of their products for a dinner that the company will have here in December. Can't wait to play around with these flavors. I can say this is a carrer that I would love to go into in the furure

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