Saturday, October 13, 2007

Carbonated yuzu jelly

I am finding that some of the best things I make are buy mistake. I was trying to make a carbonated soda. I did not know that you need a soda syphon to do it. I put the mixture in a co2 container with 2 whippets. The drink was shit but after leaving it in the fridge overnight I walked into a carbonated jelly. It was absolutely amazing and will be the base for a recipe that I am doing for dinning out magazine in the next issue


300 g water

25 g yuzu juice

50 g Sugar

2 sheets Gelatin

2 ea Whippets

Place the water, yuzu and sugar in a heavy duty saucepan. Cook until the mixture boils. Bloom the gelatin in water. Add the bloomed gelatin sheets to the hot mixture. Place in the co2 canister and add 2 whippets. Release a small amount of the co2. Place in the fridge overnight. Screw off the top the next morning and play.

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