Friday, October 26, 2007

Tasting menu

This week we feel a bit more confident in our menu. We are trying some new techniques and combinations. We are starting a little late this week. There has been a lot happening in my hotel pulling me away from the menu. We have had a lot of people calling for the cheese course from last week. We will run it 1 more week.

Tasting menu 10-23-07

Point Reyes blue cheese with whipped balsamic,
Peanut butter dipped grapes and Alsace Caviar

Odwalla Green Machine Sorbet made
Table side using liquid nitrogen
With grilled watermelon and curry air and watercress puree
We glued the salmon, scallop, and shrimp together with activa

Strawberry noodles with chocolate black truffle whipped cream
And pop rock encrusted blueberries
The pop rocks were pulverized in a blender and each individual berry
is coated in hard crack sugar and dredged in the pop rocks

Black Walnut bubble gum