Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tableside sorbet

When I first started using liquid nitrogen I read of a table side mixture that they made at el bulli. They use lime, vodka and egg white to make a sorbet. I grew up in days of table side. I use to work at a restaurant where we did Cesar's, steak au-poive, and bananas foster table side. You don't see it anymore. Whether that is because kitchen labor is down to nothing or it is too hard to coordinate with the front of the house, I don't know. I think it is a real show to make something in front of the guest. When we first received liquid nitrogen we were putting everything in it. I even put my finger for too long ounce ( I am still growing back skin) When we tried olive oil we got a crystal like consistency. We decide to do a yuzu, strawberry, egg white sorbet with olive oil dust. It is very important that you use a egg white when making the sorbet. You get a amazing texture and it helps it not to turn into a solid block. We place a egg white in a bowl with the puree and yuzu. We slowly pour in the liquid nitrogen and use a whisk to incorporate into the sorbet. You can't see what you are doing but you can feal the sorbet getting tighter. In a tempered glass(very important) you add a small amount of olive oil. Add about 1/2 cup of liquid nitrogen. As the nitrogen evaporates you are left with a crystal. You place a small amount of sorbet in a bowl and sprinkle the dust on top. We have also taking balsamic and whipped it with versawhip 600 to achieve a air consistency to top the sorbet. We get liquid nitrogen from a company called Airgas. It cost 1.50 to rent the dewar a day. 85$ to fill it. 90$ for the hose and 175$ for the thermal separator to get the stuff out of the tank. We wear masks, gloves, and apron when getting it out of the large tank. It is -320 degrees and can cause major injuries.

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