Saturday, October 6, 2007

Have fun

This business sucks. It is very hard to work in this industry. The hours, the people, the bullshit. The only thing that you can do is laugh it off and have fun. I am a joker. I work hard a but I also keep a very light mood in my kitchens. I always keep a piece of butcher paper hung in my office with some of the best one liners given by my staff. Here are a few. I asked a waiter to run a 5 onion soup to the dinning room. He picked up the ticket and looked at me and asked where the other 4 soups were. Mind you this is a waiter that has been working here for 10 months and who has seen that ticket 500 times. The other good one this week was a order for a side of ajus. The waiter spelled it agew. Obviously the High school education is paying off.