Saturday, October 6, 2007

Miso Soup

We all love miso soup. It is amazing how so many ingredients can be added or taken away to give depth to the soup. I had a culinary competition about 3 months ago and wanted to come up with a new presentation. I am always in and out of whole foods getting produce for the restaurant when our purchasing guy fucks us. I noted empty gel caps one day a thought about powdering all ingredients and placing them in pills. I lost the competition but gained a new dish. The gel caps are filled with dashi, wasbi pea, dry corn, butter powder, and sweet soy. The guest receives a bowl of very hot water. They add the pills and stir until dissolved. We then add some Vietnamese BBQ pork, cilantro and a creme fraiche togarashi noodle using methocel to make the noodle.
Creme fraiche Togarashi noodle

224g Creme fraiche

2 g Togarashi

5.1 g Methocel sga150

75 g Water

Heat water in a sauce pan. Remove from the heat and blend in the methocel. Add to the rest of the ingredients and pulse with a hand blender. Place in a bowl over a ice bath for 3 hours stirring every 20 minutes.The mixture must be ice cold to work The water must have a temperature of 100 to 114 degrees so the mixture jells

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