Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dinning out magazine 2

I have been throwing around some ideas for the next issue of dinning out. They asked me to a liquid nitrogen recipe. I have settled on a coconut sou-vide lobster claw tempura with a Colorado corn gelee, roasted peas and miso-beet, wasabi-watercress, and yuzu dipping dots.
Dipping dots are a old favorite of mine. They are made by dropping ice cream base into liquid nitrogen using a syringe. I made a basic creme anglaise and flavored it. The roasted corn gelle is made by grilling corn and shucking it. I then added some tomatiilo water and cilantro. I pureed all ingredients and then heated. I bloomed 2 sheets of gelitan and dissolved in the puree. We then froze the mixture solid overnight. The next day I lined a china cap with cheese cloth and placed the frozen block inside. I let the block thaw in the walk-in for 2 days. You are left with a clear flavor full liquid that you can turn into a gelee. I used the apple noodle recipe and placed the gel in a triangle mold.

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