Monday, October 8, 2007

Tasting menu

This week we decided to go down to 4 courses to see if it will sell a little better. We are moving into fall now and are seeing some great produce. We got some pomegranates and pineapple quince in.

We did a yellow tomato gazpacho sphere on top of the heirloom tomato tart. The sphere melts as it goes to the table into a nice cold soup. We put a puree of yellow tomato and olive oil thickened up with xanthan for the cold soup.

After we make the spheres we set them up on these foam egg cartons to help them keep their shape and not break. Originally I wanted to do a roasted cauliflower sorbet with the liquid nitrogen course. It turned out like shit so we are going with the pumpkin and beet.

The venison course came out perfect. Smoke, blueberries, pickled plablano.

The dessert course utilizes that great fall produce. A slice of pomegranate with the seeds roasted on the lychee mousse.
Tasting menu week 2

Camembert tart with gazpacho sphere and pine nuts

Roasted beet and pumpkin sorbet with curried seeds prepared
Tableside with liquid nitrogen

Grilled venison with smoked blueberries, pickled plablano
and sweet corn pancetta cream

Chocolate cone with lychee white chocolate mousse
and pineapple quince gelee

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