Saturday, October 6, 2007

Glass hand

I have been lucky enough to be apart of some pretty interesting events in my career. I have cooked at the James Beard House in New York 3 times. It is a very hard event to pull off. In 2000 I had a restaurant called the Hilltop cafe where I was able to get a lot of good press. I did an event for slow foods with my father at the Westin and one of the other chefs cooking there sat on the James Beard House board. He asked if my father and I would like to do a dinner there. When these guys ask you you don't say no. I took a second mortgage on my house and began to write a menu. You have to bring your own wine, food, staff, and find a place to sleep and cook. The first time in 2000 we prepped at the W on Lexington. One of my courses for the dinner was the sorbet course. I decided to make a glass hand. You take a heavy duty dish washing glove and fill it with hot water and garnishes like flowers or herbs. You tie it off and hang it in the freezer. 2 days later you cut off the glove and drill a small whole for the sorbet. I filled 300 gloves and hung them in the freezer at the W. I wish I had a picture. It looked like a Halloween movie. To update this dish recently I made the sorbet with liquid nitrogen. It was a lemon curd champagne sorbet with gooseberries and shortbread crumbs.

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