Saturday, October 6, 2007

Where to begin

I'm a chef through and through. I grew up in the business(grandfather and dad are pretty traveled chefs) When I wake up I think of what I want to make. When I am driving home I think what I could have done better. At 30 years I thought I was done. Too many owners that did not give a shit or to many employees more worried about which waitress they are going out with. I was introduced to some new techniques and ingredients recently that have changed my outlook. Instead of what will I grill today I wonder what I will freeze or sous vide. As I started exploring and trying new things I found that there is not alot on information on getting started. The blogs I have read have got me thinking out of my comfort zone. I hope my experiences and creations do the same for other people

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Anonymous said...

Dear chef Ian, my name is Tanner Burnam and i am a new graduate from AIC. i am actually in one of your pictures when you came to aic and did a demo. i was really amazed by some of the things you showed our class in the two days you came to our school. I will be moving back to texas on Feb 2nd but before i move i was wondering if there is any way i could come and work with you for the last few weeks i am in denver. i will be in Denver from Jan 12th- Feb 2nd. If at all possible please contact me i would love the experience and to learn more about what you do. My number is (806)584-8941. Please call me if you have any avaliable time. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again,
Tanner Burnam